Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Busch String Quartet plays Mozart, Haydn and Dvorak

The Busch Quartet playing Mozart's String Quartet (K. 428), Schumann's Piano Quintet (Op. 44), and Dvorak's String Quartet (Op. 51), all in E flat. Rudolf Serkin joins for the Schumann quintet. Recorded in 1941-42. [click here to download]


andrew said...

Great to see you're back, and with an excellent post!

Patrick Emerson said...

For myself, your choice of repertoire is exactly what I'm looking for... Older chamber music is not favored on other blogs!

Thanks for the effort....

DanseDePuck said...

I've just found you by following a link on Rene Gagnaux's page. Do you transfer or do you post OOP material. I have some Kolisch Quartet Archifon which I can let you have the links of. la_danse_de_puck@fibertel.com.ar

Best, Puck [Maria]

DanseDePuck said...

Nope, got your link at State of Work blog. Sorry, made a mistake. Puck

FV said...

Hi Puck,

I'm just a lowly poster of out-of-print recordings. I've yet to start collecting 78s, but I'm an avid follower of those bloggers that do their own transfers. I would love to hear those Kolisch Quartet recordings! Thanks for the comment.

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